Plastic Thermoforming

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  • Industrial Forming is a custom plastic thermoforming business based in southern California with over 20 years experience in vacuum thermoforming thin and thick gauge plastic products. They service many different industries using a wide variety of standard and high performance plastics. They also offer off-the-shelf trays in various configurations.

  • Industrial Forming produces a wide variety of thick gauge vacuum thermoformed parts for diverse applications such as Search and Rescue, Construction, Automotive, Communications, Military, and other specialty applications. They can process materials up to 3/8” starting thickness and offer a variety of trim options.

  • Vacuum thermoforming offers an excellent option for low to medium volume equipment housings, instrument enclosures, and display bezels. Vacuum Thermoforming can produce nicely styled parts with attractive finishes using textured and pre-decorated materials.

  • Delicate and expensive medical, electronic, and optical products can be packaged safely using vacuum thermoforming for trays and clamshells. The package can be designed to conform to the product protecting it against damage. Plastic package can also offer better presentation for high value items.

  • Custom Plastic Thermoforming can produce shipping trays that offer a cost effective method for securely handling small items without the problems of foam or cardboard. Through vacuum thermoforming shipping trays can be designed to stack, which protect and capture the parts safely for in-house transport or shipping. Recycled materials offer a green alternative for your shipping needs.

  • Vacuum thermoforming material handling trays and containers are a safe means to handle, transport, and store many types of valuable products. The trays are durable and can be reused many times throughout the process. Custom plastic thermoforming makes it easier to clean plastics than other materials commonly used and can offer anti-static properties.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with solutions for your engineering, procurement and manufacturing needs. Simply put: We want to be your partner in success. We invite you to contact us today. Thank you for the privilege to to serve you!

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